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Iceland Cold Storage provides end to end storage and transport solutions. Our services are based on huge demand and feedback from industry leaders.

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Refigerated metropolitan & regional deliveries

GRT employs specialist drives and equipment for the local distribution needs of our customers. Our distribution services operate across Melbourne metropolitan areas as well as regional areas.

Our transport services are inclusive of:
• LTL & FTL Services
• Time critical deliveries
• Short notice emergency loads
• Overnight storage for next day deliveries
• B2B Designated door to door shuttle service

All temperature specifications, GRT has it covered and designing a
transport solution that best works for your business.
This is including:
• Chilled Transport
• Freezer Transport
• Specialty Temperatures

time critical deliveries

With our transport Company and 32 refrigerated trucks we can make those urgent deliveries for our clients and with our team of 30 plus employees we can provide those short notice emergency loads as well.

chilled transport

With all the vehicles having climate and temperature control we are sure to make those chilled deliveries for you on time, every time.

specialty temperature deliveries

If your products require any speciality temperatures, we can certainly assist you with this, as our vehicles can have precise and calculated temperatures therefore goods coming out of our blast freezers can then be loaded straight onto those temperature controlled vehicles.


GRT ICELAND is committed to Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislation. Our customers can be assured that when engaging with GRT they are working closely with a compliant organization that promotes and supports this vital legislative requirement.

We are committed to the principle that all incidents, events, and injuries are preventable. Our safety systems and procedures focus on the identification and elimination of hazards in addition to the removal of unsafe behavior.

Our drivers are provided with ongoing training by professional driver trainers, and every driver is reassessed annually. All drivers are also trained so they understand the procedure for handling temperature sensitive freight and delivery requirements.

GRT vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking system and are monitored for speeding and rest breaks as required under fatigue laws. Vital information relating to road safety, speed compliance and evidence of driver fatigue can be provided instantaneously to management so that any necessary corrective action is promptly taken.